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Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope that you decided to support and follow my journey onto becoming successful in modeling. My blog focuses on the male modeling industry, fashion and my life in getting made. I hope that my blog will serve as a guide to getting started in the industry, diet and exercise and behind the scenes of the industry itself. Feel free to leave comments and feedback and help spread the word to your friends! Thanks again and enjoy!

Thanks to Roneil- my faithful follower!- for posting comments on the last entry!

Fashion and Entertainment

Fashion by Michelle!

After my interview with Jeff last week, I’ve become engrossed with again. There’s just so much inspiration on the site. You can definitely sense the passion in everyone’s photographs. Fashion is a form of art and self-expression for all of these people.

One of my favorite Lookbooks of all time is that of Pascal Grob [], a 21 year old student from Zurich, Switzerland. The thing I really enjoy about his look is that he never goes over the top. His style is very streamline, classic and toned down; to me, simplicity has always been the key. To quote Tim Gunn, “The simpler the clothes, the more impact they have.” The two aspects I have to say that I like most about Pascal’s outfits are that he reuses a lot of the same pieces and techniques [i.e. cuffing], and his ability to expertly pair expensive designer clothing with items he finds at popular budget friendly places like H&M or American Apparel. It goes to show that you don’t have to buy new [or pricey] clothes whenever a new trend pops up to look polished and fashionable.

Check out Pascal’s blog:

Here are some of my favorite looks:



Breakfast- Granola and yogurt

Snack- apple and granola bar, green tea

Dinner- granola, apple, tea.


Snack- protein bar

Lunch- two pieces of pizza, froyo

Dinner- organic burrito from Cosmic Cantina

Dessert- raspberry beer ice cream and chocolate chip and coconut cookie.

Snack?- ONE POUND OF FROYO, dorritos and rice krispie treat


Breakfast- apple,

Snack- 2 cookies

Dinner- veggie sandwich from Panera, chips, strawberry and cream scone. Ice cream with fruity pebbles waffle cone.


Breakfast- Bagel, 1 apple.

Snack- ice cream with M&M covered waffle cone. 1 crab Rangoon.

Snack- curly fries

Dinner- tuna, fries, cookies


Breakfast- granola, yogurt, fruit.

Snack- 4 cookies

Dinner- fries, 2 tuna sandwiches on whole wheat, ice cream.


Breakfast- two pieces of toast, one with peanut butter. Scrambled eggs, some hash browns, granola and yogurt. Egg sandwich.

Dinner- burrito, fries, few bites of pasta. Ice cream.


Breakfast- fruit and yogurt, coffee.

Lunch- A ton of fruit, one piece of thin crust pizza, a few fries and some ice cream.

Dinner- tuna and raison cole-slaw wrap, fruit with a dollop of ice cream. A few bites of veggie rice, granola and yogurt.


4-8-10- 20 minutes of cardio and abs.

4-9-10- none

4-10-10- none

4-11-10- 45 minutes on AMT machine and abs. Afternoon- lift and abs

4-12-10- Morning- 30 minutes run 15 minutes AMT and abs- Afternoon- 15 minutes bike and lift and abs.

4-13-10- Morning- 35 minutes Stairmaster and abs.

4-14-10-Morning- 35 minutes AMT, 10 minute run. Abs. Afternoon- circuit lift and abs.

The Happenings

I posted some new digitals that lovely K Po took for me while I was in NYC last weekend. BTW had so much fun. Finally have an apartment- thanks to Tommy’s reference! Can’t wait for summer to be here. I saw Katie’s play- Rehearsal- so effing funny! She did an awesome job and I’m truly proud to say she is one of my best friends! We went to Cosmic Cantina and had organic burritos, later I ate a pound of froyo. Of course- per tradition- I went to Union Square farmers market… I go every time I’m in the city. I can’t wait to get all my fresh produce from there this summer! Saturday morning tradition!

I also posted photos from the shoot with Sadie Dayton from a few weeks ago! Let me know what you think!

As for agencies- I dropped off pictures in NYC but haven’t heard anything- but I am not freaking out… yet. I did submit pictures to Storm Models in London- Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Alex Wek, Alessandra Ambrosio are all signed with them- and they requested more pictures from me- we know how that goes haha. Haven’t heard anything back since… keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, do a spell, and all the stuff that would get me signed haha.

I also put some pictures from an event I did for Rag and Bone at Saks in Boston- got to meet the designers it was sick!


Model Submission Photos, Baptiste Rocks it Again and Spring Fashion

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope that you decided to support and follow my journey onto becoming successful in modeling. My blog focuses on the male modeling industry, fashion and my life in getting made. I hope that my blog will serve as a guide to getting started in the industry, diet and exercise and behind the scenes of the industry itself. Feel free to leave comments and feedback and help spread the word to your friends! Thanks again and enjoy!

Thanks to Tara, Niscifsescomi, Blaire, Jenn and Roneil for posting comments on the last entry!

Tara- Nice to meet you! My friend Pedro took that while we were on set. They were just fooling around. Both really nice people!

Niscifsescomi- Thanks for the words of encouragement! I appreciate the support, truly!

Jenn- I eat too much to be a model…

Blaire- You keep posting on entries except for the new ones… not surprised really haha. Awesome question for interviews!

Roneil- My trusty commentator! I know, I really NEED to see it! I have to wait for a nice rainy, cold, windy night to watch it… so really any night in Boston haha

Fashion and Entertainment

Your weekly Entertainment Update with Jordan Diaz!

With exams this week, Michelle was not able to do her sections this week, soooo I’m doing it!

I was inspired this week, by the technical first week of spring. As the weather warms, HOPEFULLY, I thought id mention some of the trends we will be seeing this spring. First, we have my friend Thiago sporting the sleeveless trend. Tanks are usually common, but here we see a tank paired with a open sleeveless shirt. Whenever I go sleeveless, I like to either wear a tight tank or a over sized tank paired with skinny jeans.

Also, I’d like to congratulate Thiago on booking a job for Hermes!

The second look has to do with tights underwear. This model is wearing bunched tights underneath his shorts. He also demonstrates the shear tops that will be not as rare this spring. Though they get a bad rep sometimes, shear tops, if done right can be sick, like paired with a blazer as this model has on. Thirdly, men will be wearing gladiator sandals. Another trend that used to be common among women will start to blend with men’s wear this spring and summer. Lastly, the look I am most excited about is the short-suit. It’s going to be perfect for warmer weather, but still want to dress up a bit. Thanks to for supplying the pictures!

The results to the VMAN Ford model contest came out. While I was not expecting anything, I am still surprised that none of the four finalists were minorities. All four look like typical models that overwhelm the industry in the past, present, but hopefully things will change in the future.

Also below, I featured a look from His name is Damon and he is from London/ NYC.

OoOoO I posted some pictures of Baptiste… he’s my idol bt dubs… He shot the April Icon issue for L’officiel Hommes China…


Thursday- don’t remember

3-19- Onion and mushroom scrambled eggs piece of peanut butter toast and cantaloupe. Veggie stir fry. Ice cream sundae and bread with oil. Some pita chips. Mini protein bar. Piece of pizza, salmon and rice, apple sauce and raison bran. Ice cream.

3-20- Protein drink. Salad. Bowl of cereal. Piece of peanut butter toast and banana. 3 mini cookies. Two veggie pitas. Bag of starbursts, large bag of peanut mms and small hummus and pretzel chips.

3-21- Scrambled egg whites with onion and mushrooms. Granola and yogurt. Salad. Half a pancake. Biscuit with honey. Mini protein bar, pear.

3-22 Pear and protein shake. Few bites of granola. Cantaloupe and melon. A few chips with salsa. Tuna, black beans, kidney beans, chives salad. Dinner- Tuna, black beans, kidney beans, chives salad, mushrooms, onion and cucumber. Granola and milk, piece of peanut butter toast and a rice krispy treat.

3-23- Pear and protein shake. Hard-boiled egg whites with kidney beans, onions, mushrooms and raisins. Whole wheat toast with peanut butter.

3-24- half bagel, two pieces of raisin bread with peanut butter and honey. 2 bowls of fruity cherrios. Veggie stirfry. A bowl and half of ice cream sundae. A few pieces of bread with oil. Pear. Tofu stir fry with rice and 2 manicotti rolls. bowl of cherrios, applesauce and ice cream. 🙂


Friday- run

Saturday- box jumps, sprints, mountain climbs, knee up shoulder press. Abs

Sunday-stair master, upper body workout.

Monday- 40 minute run in morning. 10 minute bike warm up- Circuit body afternoon with abs.

Tuesday- Morning- 40 minutes Stairmaster. Afternoon- Squats, lunges, sprints, squat-wood chop with medicine ball combo. Abs.

Wednesday- 30 minute run, brief upper body work out with abs.

The Happenings

So this week, I am sending pictures to agencies in NYC. A general low down on what you need to do to try and get any agency is take pictures- refer to the different poses above, most agencies have standard poses they want, but refer to their website to see their requirements. Agencies either have an email that you can submit photos too or you have to mail them. As for what to wear, you should wear basics, as to not take away from you, so jeans and plain t-shirts are perfect. When you submit, you should send your measurements and contact information. I am sending to the following list of agencies:

DNA, APM, Ford, Wilhelmina, Click, New York Models, Red Models, Q, VNY and Adam Models.

Now I have done this before and not heard from anyone. So, as much as I would LOVE to hear from just one of these, and as much as I am going to try and remain optimistic. I can’t expect to hear anything. It’s the way it goes and really, you have to learn to not take it personally! Ill keep you guys updated if anything happens.

Hahaha so after I wrote the previous section, and after I submitted photos, I got this from Click Models NYC-

Thank you for your interest in Click Model Management New York. Although you have a unique look, we are not interested in representing you.

We wish you much success in the future.

Quite the quick response… but it’s ok! I will prevail!

Friday I have a fitting for a corporate sales meeting for Reebok that I am working. I am excited because it pays pretty well, and it is GREAT exposure as all the people from sales and marketing will be there. Wish me luck!

Capstone technically starts Friday as well. So three of my four classes are done and we have to work on this project. Capstone is a 50 page paper- the topic is based around US foreign policy- within a group of 8 people. Then we have to defend our thesis to a panel of judges at the end of the semester.

Also, I get that a lot of people read this who I don’t necessarily know… FEEL FREE TO COMMENT! I would love to see who and where from people are reading my blog!