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Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope that you decided to support and follow my journey onto becoming successful in modeling. My blog focuses on the male modeling industry, fashion and my life in getting made. I hope that my blog will serve as a guide to getting started in the industry, diet and exercise and behind the scenes of the industry itself. Feel free to leave comments and feedback and help spread the word to your friends! Thanks again and enjoy!

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever… I’ve been busy and more shamefully LAZY

Fashion and Entertainment

This week I decided to feature Korean Model Noma Han. I was Facebook stalking and saw some behind the scene pictures from a shoot and from what I saw I loved the pictures. It turned out that a friend on Facebook was the stylist for the shoot and had the pictures up. One of the models stood out me, Noma. He seemed like the guy that is sort of eccentric, but gets amazing results. His edgy look is sure to carry him far in the industry. Only in the States for about a week then he goes back to South Korea until NYC Fashion Week! Check out the interview and his pictures below!

Where are you from?

How were you discovered? or How did you start modeling?

I sent my images to bunch of agencies and Red found me
What agency are you with now?

Tell me about your first-ever photo shoot.

my first shoot was in korea but It wasn’t professional just for fun one of my korean friend is photographer and I helped him n he shoot me
Do you have any advice for getting started in the modeling industry?

hmmm if you wanna be model just trying to send your digital images to agencies
favorite job you have booked?

tommy denim campaign it was so much fun
Favorite city?

I don’t have favorite city
Best thing about being a model?

free drink! and go to park with awesome model friends 🙂 that’s totally awesome!
worst thing about being a model?

early casting
What kind of diet and exercise regiment do you follow, if any? Do you feel any pressure to be even thinner?

do work out little bit and skate ~! and I don’t have pressure about that ever

Do you do anything to prepare for shoots?

sleep early~
What do you think about while you are on set shooting?

I’m hot ! SICK

Favorite memory in your career? Any funny memories from backstage of a runway show?

actually when I went NY first time I don’t have not so many friends in NY and after started modeling I got super cool friends from this job! that’s my favorite memory.

Any embarrassing moments in your career?

Have you experienced any affects of being a minority in the modeling industry?

not at all
If you could change anything about the modeling industry, what would it be?

how about Model Taxi!!!!!! personal model Taxi damn this is so sweet ~!!!!!!!!
Single or taken?

taken from korean sexiest girl 🙂
How do you attract someone?

hmmmmmmmmmmm I don’t think about it ever
Favorite places to go in New York City (Restaurant, clubs, etc):

definitely park!
Craziest thing you have ever done:

hmmmmmmmm I can’t remember because I usually do crazy thing when I drunk
One thing about your body you would change if you could:

make my legs longer !
Favorite type of music and last song you listened too:

I don’t have favorite type of music but I have some singers who I like The Gossip, The Virgin, Razorlight, Greendays, Cold War Kids so many hahahahaha
Boxers or briefs:

Favorite thing to do outside of modeling:

skateboarding ~~~~~~ nowadays I’m addicted to skate


May 16th

Breakfast- egg whites and cup of coffee

Lunch- Organic veggie chili and a few tortilla chips.

Snack- 2 ears of corn, chips and salsa

Dinner- shrimp, apple

Dessert- cereal

May 17th

Breakfast- egg whites with onion and mushroom. Coffee.

Snakc- two egos

Lunch- peanut butter and jelly on low fat graham crackers

Snack- peanuts and coffee

Dinner- 2 cans tuna with onions, mushrooms and a bit of salsa. Apple.

Two cookies and 4 graham crackers


Breakfast- half bagel with egg whites, with mushrooms and onions, applesauce

Snack- one ego

Lunch- tuna sandwich and plain tuna

Snack- tortilla with honey and cinnamon sugar

Dinner- shrimp Caesar salad, 2 pieces of bread and coffee

2nd dinner- sushi and cereal and choco chip cookie


Breakfast- apple sauce, bowl of rice krispies, bagel

Breakfast 2- egg whites with onions and mushrooms

Lunch- piece of pizza, grapes and coffee

Snack- grapes, peanut butter crackers and one can of tuna

Dinner- split bloomin’ onion, side salad, salmon, mixed veggies. one piece of bread.



35 minute run and abs, tricep dips


Morning- Max interval cardio “Insanity” workout- 1 hour

Afternoon- 1 hour bike ride.

Night- abs.


Morning- Power Cardio Insanity workout

Afternoon- 30 minute run


Afternoon- “Insanity” Interval Cardio Circuit

The Happenings

So for the last few weeks, I moved to Manhattan, even though I am in Florida this week. It was really fun and the agency I have talking to, MI, seems pretty legit, so hopefully I can get some work with them. The apartment I was at, 295 Park Ave South, was perfect location, even though we had some issues haha. A few great things about the place: in the middle of Dos Caminos (amazing Sangria and Guacamole) and Big Daddy’s Diner (amazing everything), walking distance to work, and two blocks from Shake Shack. Notice most of the things I said involved food, AKA I gained weight like a pregnant woman.

I went to two open calls the first week I was there. ReQuest and VNY and was rejected within 30 seconds by both. That’s the business! I met with my new friend Brandon and he gave me some tips as to getting with an agency, basically losing weight, trimming my hair a bit, and being assertive.

I am doing those Insanity workouts (see the video below) and they are truly INTENSE! I sweat so much it’s great, if only I ate properly and not like an 800 pound woman, I would be lookin’ like David Beckham! Haha

I was supposed to get my hair done yesterday, but the guy who was supposed to do it didn’t feel like he could do it. So they had to get the next level person and he wasn’t available till Friday morning, so stay tuned for that!